Dearest Barrett,

From our very first meeting I knew that I had found not only a mentor and counselor in you, but also a friend who shared my passion for turning ideas into reality.

Every time I was part of some ludicrous proposal, from starting a dairy farm at a Chinese orphanage or publishing a magazine on Globetrotting for college students, to creating a nonprofit organization and network to support the work of Xu Wen Li, you respected my passion, gave me a dose of reality, and set me on the path to success. At the slightest suggestion of a problem, you saw that problem as your own and made your vast resources and experience available to find a solution.

Whichever direction my curiosity took me, I always knew that I was not traveling alone. As a young Brown student preparing for the world, I could not have had a better mentor, counselor or friend to join me on my journey. My success is your success.

Happy Birthday!

Yaniv Gelnik
Class of 2003
Washington, DC

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