Dear Barrett,

It wasn't until 1978—already three years at Brown—that I enrolled in your course; some of us come late to the feast! The wonderful Marcy Weinstein ran a terrific section as TA, making a great class even better. Most of us didn't know we'd find you there when we first went to College Hill, but the discovery encouraged all of us. In the years since then, it has been a very good thing to be able to call you teacher, then colleague, and always, friend.

Years older now, and wiser in the bargain, we know it wasn't always easy being Dean Hazeltine. One only imagines how often you've had to screw your courage to the sticking place to stand up for what we appreciated most—your generosity of mind and spirit, and your great personal kindness. Every day since coming to know you we've been wiser for your lessons, surer of ourselves thanks to your respect, and warmed by your friendship. We are truly grateful, and we wish you good health and much happiness on your 75th birthday.

Our best love to you and to Mary,
Jack and Lita (Orefice)

Jack Fracasso
Class of 1979
Chapel Hill, NC & Providence, RI

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