Dear Barrett,

I feel comfortable using your first name, since you always remembered mine. You remembered everyone else's too, for that matter, and I thought that was just true for current students, but now I realize it's probably for alumni as well. How do you do it?

Maybe you should have started a business like "Ask Jeeves" where one can ask any question and get information. You could have been "Jeeves" himself. Instead, you have chosen to help others for so many years, and for that we are grateful.

As I launch my new product, the MusicStart™ Keyboard, teachings of EN 6 and EN 9 echo through my mind. These classes could not have been more appropriate preparation for what I've ended up doing. Thank you very much!

Enjoy your 75th birthday knowing how much impact you've made—and continue to make—on students' lives.

Sincerely yours,

Ethan Fiks
Class of 1993
The Music Path Co., Inc.
New York, NY

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