Dear Dean Hazeltine,

I send you very best wishes on your birthday.

As a student and TA of EN 9 and 90, I have looked to your lessons and insights that were “called out” in class, time and again. Your enthusiasm, sense of humour, and brilliance truly set you apart from all other professors. So did your friendliness, memory and bicycle.

I remember the first time I met you while walking back from Meehan with fellow hockey player, Eric Bommer ('91). It was a brief introduction as you were biking home for dinner. After you left, Eric raved about you, your unbelievable memory and your classes.

Perhaps two to three months later, I ran into you with a group of other freshmen. You politely said hello and talked to each of us, knowing all our names and a little about us. It was amazing and impressive. Eventually we all attended your classes and became TAs, and are better for it. Your impact on the students and culture of Brown is immeasurable.

Thank you!

Mark C. Fabbro
Class of 1994
Vice President
Arnold Worldwide
Boston, MA

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