Dear Barrett,

You are a Dean for all disciplines!

I tried writing out an elaborate poem for you, but found that my talents didn't match up to the task. So, I'll just thank you for the wisdom during my undergraduate education. You were the one calming influence that allowed me to make the transition to college life.

Your ever-present smile and memory of people (in my case, from a lowly freshman to 20 years later on the steps of Brown Stadium) have filled the world of Brown University with a humanizing influence.

I am a better person because of your guidance and involvement. When I needed a favor, you were there to help. I truly appreciate the assistance you gave me when I wanted to bring my wife's nephew to Brown to learn of the available programs. Thank you!

I wish you a happy 75th, with many more years to come!

Bill Applegate
Class of 1974
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
Providence, RI

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