Dear Professor Hazeltine,

Happy Birthday! Clearly I am not alone in wishing you all the best as Brown has never had a better friend or professor.

Your classes were always my favorites, and when I completed all your classes, you were kind enough to let me TA—I did so selfishly, not wanting to stop learning from you. You truly revolutionized the way I approach every situation I encounter, providing me with an analytical and strategic foundation in business theory that has helped me inordinately since my departure from Brown. The knowledge you imparted in EN 9, 90, and 93 (not to mention my independent study) has become a critical building block for my growth, both professionally and personally.

The passion you bring to your lectures engaged us all and brought the subject matter to life. Most important is the encouragement you've provided over these many years. Your energy and enthusiasm have emboldened your students to think creatively and pursue their dreams, knowing you'll be there cheering them on and providing sage advice whenever necessary.

Thank you for everything you've done for me; I've no doubt benefited far more from knowing you than the other way around. Happy Birthday and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards,

James Dominick
Class of 2003
Sandelman Partners
New York, NY

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