Dear Barrett,

It was September 1965 when I first met you as my freshman advisor. There has been a lot of history and a lot of changes since then, but you were always a constant. The reports of your career and recognition at Brown and your volunteering in Africa were consistent with the wise, friendly, and humble adviser I met my first week in Providence.

I have many fond memories of you, but one that exemplifies your connection to all of us involved one of my daughters. I introduced you to my daughter Cate ('94) at the bookstore on Thayer Street one evening in the early 1990s. Almost 10 years later and after a single meeting with her, you remembered she was my daughter and where you had met her when you chanced to meet her again at a Brown Club event in New York City. Little wonder to me that they named the "students' favorite professor" awards after you at Brown.

It is my pleasure to have had you as an adviser, a professor, a role model, and a friend for these 40 years.

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes,

Tom Doherty
Class of 1969
Kingston, NH

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