Dear Barrett,

We are still friends and will be forever. Your creation, Organizational Behavior and Management (OBM), was a very large part of why I chose to attend Brown. What a difference that decision has made in my life. I should have known that the man behind this oasis of business in all that is liberal arts-focused Brown would have a great and lasting impact on my life. You have had just such an influence.

Your creation, my chosen concentration, opened the world wide to me. The gifts of OBM included the opportunity to teach, the freedom to still explore all Brown had to offer and my first introduction to the Harvard Business School case. EN 9 represented my very first opportunity to teach. I had my own little section, not once, but many times. That was truly a gift. I spent a great deal of my non-OBM time in the Sociology department, where I was able to teach even more. My EN 9 experience made that possible. One of the many beauties of OBM was that each of us could make it our own.

One of my most valuable business experiences came as an undergraduate pursuing my OBM thesis. I spent my junior summer writing about self-directed work teams. This afforded me the chance to work in a Coca-Cola syrup branch in southern New Hampshire. This was the last place I would have imagined myself. Thanks to OBM, there I was, in a factory, loving every minute. It was amazing. It expanded how I define myself. Who would have thought I would learn to live and thrive in a factory from Brown University? Just one more possibility created by your vision and care.

With all of these gifts I ventured on from Brown. I got a great job and began to build a career. I learned a lot in my first few years away from campus. However, the draw of the cases you introduced some years before was undeniable. I matriculated to Harvard Business School with a great deal of insight about what to expect, thanks to you. More than the case experience, I was able to appreciate the importance of being a part of a business/educational community. I owe that to you.

There are so many little stories I could tell. They all lead to the same conclusion—to you I am grateful. Happy Birthday! You have touched my life and I celebrate you! Your legacy and impact endure. Congratulations and thank you!

All the best

Brickson E. Diamond
Class of 1993
Capital Guardian Trust Company
Senior Vice President
Los Angeles, CA

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