Dear Professor Hazeltine,

I only took one straight-up business class in undergraduate and graduate school, and I happily can say I was lucky to take the only one I would ever need, which was your gut-level course in which we reviewed HBS case studies. In my subsequent careers as teacher, public-affairs consultant and rock star (now has-been rock star, record label owner, and, once again, public affairs consultant), that class provided me with 99 percent of what I needed to know about business fundamentals. I don't even remember why I took the class. Someone just said, "This guy's great, you've got to take it, trust me!" and how right he was.

Many happy wishes on your 75th birthday! As much as it may have looked as if we were all napping in the hazy springtime light filtering through the windows of Alumnae Hall, I, for one, was absorbing the tremendous energy, enthusiasm and rigor you brought to your work. Thank you!


Dave Dederer
Class of 1987
Medina, WA

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