Dear Barrett,

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy the day and take some time to immerse in the affection of your colleagues and students. You have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people and this tribute is a small sampling of that!

I wanted to thank you for the opportunities you gave to me while I was at Brown. My time with you—in class or seeking advice about section, life, work, etc.—ranks among my very best memories of college. Your encouragement, support and—most of all—the faith you put in me were invaluable elements of my experience as an undergraduate.

Every day, I benefit from your teaching in my work. More than any concrete analysis or case, however, I rely on the critical thinking and communication skills you helped me discover and refine. Thank you for that!

I hope that you enjoy many more birthdays, surrounded by your family and friends. I also hope that you remember how special your contribution to education has been. Thank you for the great gifts of time, teaching and trust that you gave to me many years ago. They're still making a difference.


Michael C. Dearing
Class of 1990
Senior Vice President
eBay Inc.
San Jose, CA

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