Dean Hazeltine,

Jan and I enjoyed taking your courses in the 1978-81 period and I enjoyed becoming a TA. But the highlight for me was our going canoeing one spring day while I was a student. I'm not sure how you and I got the canoe on top of your car, but we managed with some loosely fitted rope in a way that may be less than legal today.

I remember our canoeing conversation, too. You said that in the past 100 years, almost no companies remained in the top 100 based on revenues, that companies didn't survive unless they morphed, and most got swallowed up or declined. Now, 25 years later, we can say that remark is true but in a much more condensed time period. There are only a handful of companies within the last 50 years that remain revenue leaders today, and most have huge deficits and unfunded pensions that won't keep them on top for long.

For the past five years, I have enjoyed revisiting Brown and co-teaching the HBS case study on BizRate with you. I'm returning in late January again, and I'm not sure what I enjoy most—having our prep lunch at the Faculty Club, or getting up to teach with my mentor-friend, on the company that I led for the last six years.

Happy Birthday!

Chuck Davis
Class of 1982
Los Angeles, CA

Jan Phillips Davis
Class of 1983

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