Dear Barrett,

I think you were one of the first faculty I ever met when I came to Brown in 1982 as the coordinator of MDP, and you were on the Advisory Board.

I subsequently got to know you in many different guises: as a member, with Mary, of the Central Congregational Church; as leader of entrepreneurship initiatives; as international volunteer; as faculty career advisor; and, as the voice of reason on countless committees. You have proved to be a wise counselor and stalwart friend, always standing up for what was right.

A 75th birthday is a time to take stock, and when you look back, I hope you remember not only the thousands of students you've helped, but also the hundreds of administrators who've been given courage through your quiet counsel and actions. The world—and Brown—is a better place because of you.

Happy birthday and love to you and Mary,

Sheila Curran
Brown administrator (1982-2003)
Formerly Director of Career Services

Executive Director of Career Center
Duke University
Durham, NC

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