Dear Barrett,

Your dedication and devotion to the Division of Engineering for so many years has been truly inspirational. You enthusiastically brought technology management, innovation, and entrepreneurship to the engineering curriculum long before other educators recognized its importance in the training of young engineers.

Extending your influence beyond the careers of many engineering students at Brown, your teaching efforts, which you undertake with great vigor, are truly interdisciplinary, attracting students from every concentration on campus. Your forward thinking attitude on engineering pedagogy has put Brown at the forefront of technology management and entrepreneurship education. Because of your efforts and achievements, our peer institutions look to Brown for direction in this field. Over the years, your mentorship and friendship has genuinely affected my career and interests in so many ways, from research to teaching to outreach.

The year I took over Engineering 90 for you during your sabbatical was a tremendous experience. After each lecture and subsequent meetings with many students, I was totally exhausted! I remember wondering to myself if the semester would ever end. I do not know how you do it, day after day, semester after semester, year after year; your bottomless 'reservoir' of energy, enthusiasm, passion, and conviction for teaching and mentoring is truly admirable. To this day, I still get exhausted just thinking about the semester I taught Engineering 90.

At the grassroots level, I refer to you as Barrett Hazeltine, but, bearing in mind all of your accomplishments, I think a more appropriate title for you is the Father of technology management and entrepreneurship pedagogy. Not content with all of your triumphs, you continue to apply your inventiveness in new ways, such as the teaching of social entrepreneurship and appropriate technologies. Despite your extremely busy life as an educator, you have proven your willingness to freely give your time for the benefit of students, faculty, the Division of Engineering, and Brown University.

It is with great pleasure, Barrett, that I thank you personally and on behalf of the Division of Engineering for the immense benefits you have brought us over the years. You have combined your skills as an engineer and an educator, with your own passion, personal vision and awareness, to 'open' the world up to many young minds. On this occasion of your 75th birthday, I wish you well and express my hopes for the continuation of your productivity in the years to come.

Happy Birthday!

Gregory Crawford
Dean of Engineering
Brown University
Providence, RI

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