Dear Dean Hazeltine,

When I try to explain my college experience for those who did not have the good fortune to attend Brown, you are always the main subject.

Your classes taught me much more than business theory, and the modest amount of electrical engineering that I can actually employ. They showed me that enthusiasm and joy for learning, care for every person one encounters and dedication to doing one's best are the most essential attributes for a successful life.

You never blinked when Gary and I turned our business case study into a musical production. So now, I remain able to pursue the alternative avenue because of the confidence you gave me in being unique. Thanks!

Nothing has contributed more to the good choices in my life. I am sure I speak for all your students in saying that your impact has been profoundly positive and enduringly wonderful. Seeing you recently at graduation—especially with my son by my side—and having you greet me as if class were only yesterday was a special thrill. You are the spirit of Brown and the embodiment of what makes it great.

Buona Fortuna e Centi Anni!

Joseph A. Colagiovanni, Jr.
Class of 1978
Saint Louis, MO

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