Dear Barrett,

Happy 75th birthday celebration! Thirty years ago, I stepped onto Brown's campus and joined the thousands of students who have had the good fortune to know you as a teacher and life-long friend. Miraculously, you made me feel special from the moment I met you, and you still do. You seem to understand the magic in life, in relationships, in caring for others; and you share that understanding with every step you take, like no one else. Those of us fortunate enough to find ourselves in your path are forever changed.

Your help and guidance over the years came to me in the kind of support, encouragement, and caring that I grew to know from my mother, who was also a teacher; it also came as the wisdom, purposefulness, and service that fueled my father. You have it all and share it so freely. How blessed are we who know you.

Nary a major step in life, since Brown, have I taken without thinking of or speaking with you. It is immensely helpful to have a wise, trusted friend who will listen when one is trying to chart a new course, especially when that friend has seen so many of life's courses directly or through the eyes of others.

Here's to wishing you a wonderful 75th birthday and to the next 30 years of our friendship.

With great appreciation and affection,


John A. Andersen, Jr.
Class of 1979
Great Lakes Director
Chicago, IL

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