Dear Professor Hazeltine,

Happy Birthday!

When I look back at my years at Brown, I can say without any hesitation that you were my favorite teacher. Your warm "Are we friends?" during lectures, your approachability outside class, your elephantine memory (remembering who out of your 800 person class had asked for an extension on his/her paper!), and your ability to simplify the arcane (particularly electrical engineering) are just some of the memorable things that made learning from you such a pleasure. The fact that the "Outstanding Teacher" award at Brown had to be renamed "The Barrett Hazeltine Citation" speaks volumes about your qualities as a teacher and a person.

You epitomize all that I cherished about Brown. For me, you and Brown are inextricably linked because it was due in no small part to you that I chose to return to Brown rather than enroll at that trade school up in Cambridge after my leave of absence. If an institution could be embodied in a person, you are Brown University personified.

Thank you for welcoming me back to Brown. Thank you for looking out for me while I was there. And thank you for your support after Brown. Thank you for all that you have done for so many Brunonians! You rock!

All my best,

Mohammed Askari Chandoo
Class of 1990
United Arab Emirates

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