¡Feliz cumpleaños! from Mexico City!

How can I begin to thank you for the career that you, perhaps unknowingly, propelled me towards? I was a wayward pre-med student during my four years at Brown. It seemed like everyone (including you) and except me knew that a medical profession was not in my future. A good friend persuaded me to shop your class. I was hooked, not only by what you taught, but by how you taught. Your personality and amazing memory shone through during each class and each visit to your office.

Literally every day of my professional life I have used what you taught me and countless others. Sure, outside the confines of College Hill consultants might change the names and the branding might be different, but at the core you always taught and exemplified one lesson: how to make great decisions.

Thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Jorge Casimiro
Class of 1998
Director of Communications - Latin America
The Coca-Cola Company
Mexico City, Mexico

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