Dear Dean Hazeltine,

Happy Birthday!

I hope you and Mary are planning a great big party.

Many times I wanted to tell you how much you helped me grow, but my words always seemed inadequate. Without you pulling me aside after my EN 9 class, and ordering me to meet you in the Engineering Lab the next day, I would have been lost. I'll never know what signal I sent, but I am eternally grateful you noticed.

You are my role model for doing what you love, treating people with respect, and constantly learning new things. There are things that occurred during our time together that are significant memories for me—having lunch and talking about my plans after Brown, giving you a ride home after someone stole your tire (you were very calm), shadowing Matt Paknis and you during summer classes, and overhearing you talk to a student about the importance of one's reputation.

Thank you for taking time to help me become the person I am today!

Your friend & student,

Adam Carson
Class of 1996
San Francisco, CA

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