Professor Hazeltine,

Over my 18 years at Brown, the student-athletes of the women's basketball team consistently pointed to you, Professor Hazeltine, as one of the "most remarkable teachers" at Brown.

Your personable nature puts them at ease as well as challenges them in the classroom. Simply said, your work with students benchmarks the quality expected from the "best educational experience in the world." Our student-athletes often remark that your lectures are engaging and enjoyable.

Professor Hazeltine, thank you for joining my staff on the sidelines as a guest coach. This supportive presence in the stands during our games as well as on the sideline as a guest coach does leave a lasting impression. You care about all that Brown has to offer a student's experience. Your smile and nod of encouragement make both the players and coaches feel special at Brown. Thank you for all the energy you give to Brown University, we are fortunate to have you as a professor and supporter of our endeavors.

Happy Birthday!

Jean Marie Burr
Head Coach – Women's Basketball
Brown University
Providence, RI

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