I was fortunate to have you as my faculty advisor while at Brown. I had a bumpy road academically at Brown. Without your knowledge, influence, and encouragement, I doubt if I would have graduated. You will always occupy a warm, sacred place in my heart for all you've done for me.

I'm glad I was given this opportunity to say happy birthday to you. The last time I saw you, along with your lovely wife, was a few years ago at the Independent Awards Dinner in NYC for you and Bill Cosby. Most people probably came to see Bill but I came, and brought my wife and daughter along, primarily to honor you.

My wife, Delmena Gunter Burno ('78), was a biology major who knew nothing about electricity. She still talks, 30 years later, about how satisfied she felt when she built her first radio in your EN 11 class. When I left Brown, I was so prepared with the confidence and knowledge that you had imparted to me that I excelled in my first job as an engineer with a Navy contractor.

When I began my MBA at Howard University, I actually referred to my old and yellowed product-liability notes and materials from EN 90, which I had taken with you almost 10 years before. The business acumen that you imparted to me has served me well out here in the "dog-eats-dog" real world.

Thanks again for everything! May god continue to bless us with your caring and inspirational presence for many more years to come.

Joe Burno
Class of 1976
Recently Retired Systems Design Engineer for Sprint
Mitchellville, MD

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