Dear Dean Hazeltine,

Happy Birthday!

It's remarkable to see you going strong at 75. You remain the heart & soul of Brown University, and a key reason why the school continues to mean so much to me.

For sure, you taught so many of us well and inspired many a Brown Bruin (pardon me, "Bear") into business, myself included. EN 9, EN 90 and a senior thesis—these were my first exposures to business. But it's your sincerity, generosity and true genuineness that touched me so deeply. You really cared to know each one of us, in chunks of a few hundred per term. You made sure to reach out and touch us personally. You knew us by name. You welcomed us into your home and into your lives.

We hope that this outpouring of gratitude from your students over the years, will prove how incredible you are as a person, and what a wonderful life you have led. Thank you, Dean Hazeltine, for being you! I hope you'll still be there when my girls get to Brown (Class of 2023 and 2026).

Best wishes,

Jim Brown
Class of 1985
Director of Marketing
The Dannon Company, Inc.
White Plains, NY

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