Dean Hazeltine,

You are one of those rare university professors—at once brilliant and easily accessible. There were a few professors at Brown that I really felt comfortable talking to; you were one of them. To illustrate your magic of interacting, let me relate the story of my first one-on-one meeting with you. It was in EN 9 class. I was sitting in the front row (something I didn't do very often!) with my friend Doug and we were talking before class. You must have overheard part of our conversation. When class started a few minutes later you gave an example of some type of decision facing a company. All of a sudden, I hear my name being used, as in, "My friend Ken here is faced with a choice..." Boy, was that memorable!

That choice eventually led to my becoming a TA for EN 9. As you have done for hundreds of students, you wrote one of my recommendation letters for graduate school. Ironically, I now teach supply chain management at Michigan State University. I have had lots of experience with students and various university colleagues. One thing I have learned is that faculty LIKE talking to students, but the vast majority is not half as good at being open, friendly and lowering barriers to interaction as you were. Thanks for opening my eyes and being approachable!

Ken Boyer
Class of 1989
Associate Professor
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

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