Dean Hazeltine,

You were primary to my college experience. I was close to you for four semesters during 1989-91, a discouraging period in your tenure when certain powerful Brown administrators were undermining your activities. Faculty jealousy of your popularity had flared up and your previously vaunted reputation of caring intensely and responding to individual student needs was suddenly dogging you. You thrived on your countless campus friendships, but at that time you were missing glory days when senior administration was more education focused, less image conscious, and not so fraught with politics.

I took EN 9 and 90 in 1988. After your return from Malawi, you hired me to integrate spreadsheets and other computer elements into both courses. You were amazingly easy to work with and I dove into what became an "extended" project. The best parts for me were working with you on live classroom demonstrations and our frequent personal contact in office meetings. These meetings were often followed by a walk across campus to the lecture hall, and there were constant reminders from passers-by that I was in the company of greatness.

Surrounded by friends, you were always at home on campus among your extended family. Looking back, I cherish the times you invited me to lunch at the Providence Art Club. Even down the hill you're a celebrity! Most impressive was the mutual respect that colored your personal relationships. The only individuals you had trouble with were egocentric people prone to abusing their positions of power. Your approach to human relationships shaped my own future adventures in the headquarters of corporate America. The lessons I learned from you are among the greatest treasures of my Brown experience. Thank you and happy birthday!

Scott Boyajian
Class of 1991
New York, NY

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