Dear Dean Hazeltine,

While your classes at Brown have taught me many of the skills I have used in my young career, your influence on my life was greatest when I needed it most—after college. At the end of my first year out, I was struggling to find a path. After a few conversations and emails, you put me in touch with several alumni whose insights brought clarity to my career path.

I spoke with CEOs of major companies and entrepreneurs of well-known start-ups and I came away from those conversations knowing that I needed to start my career in sales. The work experience I have since gained was a major influence in my acceptance to business school. To quote the Director of Admissions at Stanford in a recent speech, "As you probably can tell by now, we love sales people here at the GSB!" Two years ago I was lost, but your guidance has become a major turning point in my life.

From analyst to CEO, no matter what stage in their career, the alumni who were fortunate enough to have known you all shared the same respect and fondness for you. Your passion for connecting our students and alumni, and their willingness to do anything for Dean Hazeltine is what separates you from any other figure at Brown. The Brown network has been a tremendous resource, but the Hazeltine network has changed my life!

As we gather to celebrate your birthday, I know there are many stories just like mine, many you haven't heard. Your impact on each and every individual is immeasurable, and as you look around the room, I hope you can feel the love and admiration that we all share for you. We have been fortunate to become "friends" with you in your classes. It is an honor to be a part of this celebration of such an amazing person.

Best wishes,

Brad Bowery
Class of 2003
Stanford, CA

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