Dear Professor Hazeltine,

Thank you for all your support and guidance over these last 14 years. You helped me choose my concentration as an undergraduate, guided my college experience and advised me again when I applied to graduate school, years after graduation.

My undergraduate experience could not have been the same without you. Of all my learning experiences, many of the best were in EN 9 or 90. Your classes were instructive because I learned how to engage with and master material as well as picked up practical information. I especially remember the way you would call out a single students in a room of hundreds to ask if he was confused. We all appreciated your concern for our learning and our comfort.

I remember coming to your office in a panic. I had been told that I needed to have an internship, and I did not have one. You got out the phone book and told me to call some organizations and volunteer. It was an important lesson in taking the initiative, and one that I have not forgotten.

Thank you, too, for teaching me how to be a teacher. Your respect for your students, inspired teaching and caring leadership have modeled the way I have taught my own classes ever since. Thank you for giving me the chance to see that I was meant to teach. Being a teaching assistant for your classes was my first classroom experience and gave me the inspiration and confidence to pursue a career in education.

Ten years after my graduation from Brown, I have begun working on a PhD in education studies. It is my goal that some day I will be a teacher of undergraduates in the way that you were to me: a mentor, an advisor and an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

Pieta Blakely
Class of 1996
Dorchester, MA

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