Dear Dean Hazeltine,

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to me and to the countless number of students that you have taught over the years. In retrospect, I realize what a privilege it was to have had the opportunity to attend your classes.

There is no chance you could possibly remember me. I would sit quietly at the back of the room and never say a word. The witty, down-to-earth lectures were something I always looked forward to. Most memorable is how special you made people feel. How you could remember so many people's names is beyond me. I get a wide smile on my face when I look back, probably like everyone else who has ever met you.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life we often forget to thank the people who have influenced our lives. It is a great feeling to finally thank you. You are a class act and more of an asset to Brown than any donation or endowment could ever match!


Matt Bergey
Class of 1997
Portland, OR

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