Professor Hazeltine,

You have touched the lives of so many young minds and personalities from all walks of life. Whether a medical student, a fraternity focused undergrad, an engineer, or liberal arts student, your ability to connect with so many people and foster the links of communication, leadership, and independent thinking has helped inspire the growth of these individuals, including myself.

Your teaching approach enabled young undergrads to take initial steps of leadership outside of the classroom by facilitating case study and other team building projects and exercises. These initiatives helped instill the creativity and fundamental building blocks of so many walks in life. These experiences also instilled the greater learning that many of us at Brown experienced, namely the learning of life.

As a father and young adult, I often try to project out into the future and contemplate how I may reflect on my life when looking back 75+ years. One major thought that continues to stimulate me is what contributions did I make or participate with during my journey through life. I can certainly say that your contributions have touched thousands of people. I am hopeful that I can live up to a fraction of that service.

Happy Birthday, Professor Hazeltine! The hockey players will continue to look for you in the stands. I know I will when I next return to Meehan Auditorium.

Best regards,

Charlie Humber
Class of 1996
Coast Wood Capital Group
San Francisco, CA

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