Dear Barrett,

I feel honored and privileged to be allowed this opportunity to pay tribute to you in the form of this letter included in your birthday book. There are many times when I think about what a profound influence you had on my life, from the time we first met over a quarter century ago at Brown, to the years beyond.

At that time in college, I wasn't quite sure where I was headed, or how I wanted to get to wherever it was I might have considered going. You, however, provided the proper "grounding" influence. When I enrolled in your EN 9 class, it was almost as if my life became set upon the right path. I couldn't get enough of the case-study methodology of business and your (admittedly imitable—"Are we friends?") classroom teachings. EN 90 soon followed, and then my role as your teacher's assistant for both courses. I was very proud to have been asked by you to serve as a TA, something for which I may never have fully expressed my gratitude but now I am finally able to do so. I realize how profoundly fortunate I was that you saw potential in me.

The years have passed and there are so many instances when I have thought about you. There isn't any one specific story that immediately comes to mind since there are so many memories of you. Rather, I simply want to express my sentiments from within. You opened doors for me, setting my life in positive directions. For this, I am eternally grateful and thank you many times over.

My father, Lacy, has kept me informed about you as you've shared times together at Brown football games, and other such gatherings. I know he has also kept you informed about me over the years. It is unfortunate that we are coasts apart, but hopefully our paths will cross again soon. My sincerest regards to you for this milestone birthday celebration, with the best of wishes for many more happy and rewarding times.


Conrad Herrmann
Class of 1982
Burlingame, CA

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