Dear Dean Hazeltine,

Happy birthday!

You may not remember me very well, but in the spring of 1970, I didn't have enough money to pay my final tuition bill. Graduation week was a bit frenzied due to the Cambodia bombing/Kent State strike. I had been involved in some 60s-style turmoil with my family and had basically been cut off. Friends had loaned me enough money to complete the first semester, but not the second. When I showed up in your office in University Hall, you calmly assured me that I could pay off my debt when I could and graduation would proceed normally. I ended up attending graduation, and I finally paid for and received my diploma two years later.

Many years later, while working in Providence at Wheeler School, where I usually wave when I see you riding by on your bike (as you have most days over the last 34 years,) I had a high school student who was working on a Westinghouse science project. I entered University Hall once again. You smiled and arranged access for the young man to both the engineering lab and your personal computer account. Thanks to your efforts, he was able to complete a very interesting project.

Over the years, no request was ignored and no person's problems were unworthy of attention. I try to operate in the same fashion. Thank you!

Mark Harris
Class of 1970
Providence, RI

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