Dear Barrett,

It seems like yesterday that we were babies together at Brown. I was a 16 year-old freshman beginning a rigorous engineering program in 1961. I also was alone, since my parents had just moved to Germany. Little did I know how lucky I was to have a then 30-year old engineering assistant professor assigned as my advisor.

You helped me withstand the demands of Professors Paul Maeder, Peter Richardson, and Sture Karlsson in the Engineering Department, and those of Professors Leon Cooper and John Wermer in other departments. What a glorious time—learning to think and explore!

You also grounded me as a person—nudging me to become more independent and well rounded. I had so much fun at Brown that I signed up for the five-year ScBE/ScME program as soon as I learned about it.

When my daughter, Marcy, was exploring college options in 1989, I suggested she look seriously at Brown. As you know, she and her now husband, Jim Calaway, loved the place—especially her advisor: the very same Barrett Hazeltine.

Thanks so much for what you did for us and so many other Brown students and admirers. You are a very special person and a great credit to yourself and your family. Happy Birthday!

Mike Griem
Class of 1965, SCM '66
Lake Bluff, IL

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