Dear Dean Hazeltine,

You got me hooked. As a freshman, I scoffed at the thought of taking a business course. I foolishly clung to humanities, social sciences and all things as esoteric as possible—for that was what I found worthy. (The nose was, naively, up!) Senior year, with a bit more (but not too much) common sense, I shopped EN 9. And boy, am I glad.

During the first class, I watched your passion, I received a "Hazeltine handshake" when I answered a question to your satisfaction, and I saw how you were going to make Harvard Business School case studies living, fascinating documents—documents to which I could apply a whole new sort of analysis.

I loved EN 9. I read every word of every assignment. You were such an excellent guide, and you motivated me to want to learn more. Sadly, it was too late for me to take any other courses with you, or even basic economics for that matter. But I will say that every so often, I consider going for an MBA/combined degree. You made me want to be an entrepreneur, for you convinced me that social justice and media access issues can be addressed quite well through business! Who knew!

Since graduating from Brown, I have written for The New York Times and San Juan Magazine in Puerto Rico and worked for ABC News in New York. By the time you receive this, I will be studying international broadcast journalism through a Fulbright in London, and conducting research on how to incorporate feminist content into mainstream media. Business models and creative solutions are very relevant here! What you taught me in EN 9 has also improved my confidence in covering a broader range of stories. You packed quite a lot into that intro class.

I remember well how you guided me through my final EN 9 project—assessing Planned Parenthood Federation of America—and I never tired of my office visits. It was such a rewarding experience.

You even agreed to let me interview you for the "People to Watch" section of the College Hill Independent. I do believe that more people read the section that week than any other. You are a celebrity on campus! Your green chalked hands, your smartness, and your kind demeanor—we all love Hazeltine. Your devotion to the school and its students is incredible. The school thanks you. And so do I. Tremendously. Happy Birthday!

Ariana Green
Class of 2004
London, UK

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