Dear Dean Hazeltine,

Clearly you are one of the greatest, best-loved professors to have ever taught at Brown. But, your brand of greatness is certainly different from others. I recall the circumstances of our meeting. I was shopping for classes during my sophomore year. I was led to one of your classes, EN 9, by one of my fellow classmates. Upon my arrival to my first of what would be many Hazeltine lectures, I experienced something very different from what I had known before. You were not merely teaching a class, you were interacting with us in a way that demonstrated your passion for the subject matter and student body. You made it interesting and exciting.

Well, after that experience it didn't take long before I started visiting you during office hours for help on many of my zany entrepreneurial ideas. Your support was invaluable to me. I will never forget your generosity with your time and the help you have given me. Even until this very day, I occasionally visit you for your insight and aid. I am still amazed at how you can answer all of your emails in such a timely fashion, conduct frequent office hours, teach several lectures, and still have time for life.

You have played many roles in my life: teacher, mentor and friend. May you continue to affect the lives of others as you have so many times before. I wish you the best. You are a blessing to us all. I will never forget you.

Jonathan P. Barboza
Class of 2002
Dartmouth, MA

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